Since its inception in 1984, Armadilla has taken on international cooperation as its purpose priority. Its priority is the defence of the economic, social and cultural rights of the most vulnerable groups.

In recent years, Armadilla’s main commitment was to ensure humanitarian and Cooperation with the victims of the war in Syria and with the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.Commitment that has given Armadilla operators the to strengthen create partnerships mainly with the Zahret Al Madan (ZAM) association of Damascus with the support of international entities.

The conflict resulted in over 500,000 dead and over 12 million people had to abandon their home and their community. Armadilla, in Syria, is a partner of OCHA, the United Nations Coordination Office for Humanitarian Affairs and UNICEF for the rights of children.

In Damascus, Armadilla manages a social centre with ZAM, which in the last few months has become a fundamental reference point for families who find support and protection.

In Lebanon, Armadilla has started a collaboration within the project of the United Nations (UNDP) to promote a territorial cooperation programme with Italian entities and local municipalities.

This way, cooperation as an interchange between territories and the promotion of continuous territorial partnerships.This is a renewed way of conceiving international solidarity and fair and sustainable development between communities, cities and regions. Armadilla collaborates in Italy with schools, universities, cooperatives, associations to raise awareness of the need to make a system to contribute effectively to achieving the sustainable development goals established in the 2030 Agenda, approved by the UN General Assembly in September of 2015.