Syria Emergency. Humanitarian assistance for food assistance for the communities affected by the conflict in the peripheral and rural areas of Damascus

Its objective is to contribute to respond to the most urgent humanitarian needs of the Syrian population affected by the conflict. Specifically, the intervention is aimed at providing food assistance to 600 families who live in conditions of extreme vulnerability in the suburban and rural areas of Damascus and are assisted from the Women’s Center Zahret Al Madan – ZAM. Furthermore, the work of the ZAM Center to the distribution of food also guaranteed the organization of activities to respond to the emotional needs of the families who live on trauma of an emergency situation and violence. The existence of a protected space where to live Recreational moments and common concerns can help regain emotional well-being and develop internal resources to deal with the dramatic consequences of the conflict. Children are among the most vulnerable categories in the current dramatic circumstances, subject to the risk of developing psychological distress, if this is not promptly recognized, adequately expressed and supported. For this it was the creation of a space for the protection and “resilience” of children of fundamental importance, and help promote their emotional well-being. With the support of the ZAM Center volunteers, children participate in educational and recreational activities. According to the “Community Based Approach”, families are directly involved in the action to support children, being helped in taking care of their own children.

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