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5 per mille

If you live or work in Italy, with your 5 per mille you can give strength to peace process and humanitarian aid in Syria. Code 0679 9470 585

Armadilla’s main commitment is to ensure humanitarian and Cooperation with the victims of the war in Syria and with the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The conflict resulted in more than 500,000 dead and over 12 million people had to abandon their home and their community. Armadilla, in Syria, is a partner of OCHA, the United Nations Coordination Office for Humanitarian Affairs and UNICEF for the rights of children.

Giving your 5 per mille to Armadilla you can help who’s paying the higher price of this war. In your tax declaration in Italy, write the code 0679 9470 585.

What’s 5 per mille?

5 per mille is a part of tax payments which can be devolved to volunteering associations and public benefit organizations.

How much does it costs?

Nothing. This is a free choice which can directly help who you want to help.

How can I do?

If you live or work in Italy it’s very simple. In the Scelta per la destinazione del cinque per mille section of your tax declaration (CUD, 730 or UNICO) sign the Sostegno del volontariato e delle altre Organizzazione Non Lucrative di Utilità Sociale box. Just under your signature, write down the Armadilla tax code: 0679 9470 585.
Your choice will permit us to develop continuous territorial partnerships, helping who, everyday, is in danger to be left behind and pays the higher fee to Syrian war.

Your 5 x mille can help peace process and humanitarian aid in Syria