Providing life-sustaining assistance and protection to vulnerable families of Damascus Southern Suburbs

The project aims to provide assistance and protection to 1,300 displaced families and host communities in the southern suburbs of Damascus. To meet the basic needs of those affected by the conflict they struggle daily to survive and are not able to meet the basic needs, because of the their conditions of displacement, reduced income and rising prices. The beneficiaries of the project are 1,300 vulnerable families attending the ZAM social development center in Midan. Among these, 95% are displaced internally, while the remaining are host community families. There is a prevalence of women and children. Many children are affected by disability and even people suffering from chronic diseases they represent a relevant number. The initial conditions of poverty, low income, poor access to services of these families were further exacerbated by the negative impact of the conflict, such as consequence of
displacement, loss of jobs, price increases, losses human. In reality they need urgent support to save lives and adequate assistance to prevent existing vulnerabilities from further deteriorating.

Your 5 x mille can help peace process and humanitarian aid in Syria