Emergency initiative in Syria to improve food security and sanitation

The project aims to contribute to the implementation of the intervention strategy in the context of the very serious humanitarian emergency in Syria caused by the conflict, which is part of the general aims of the Italian Cooperation and is in line with the calls of the international community. Through the initiative the proposal, in fact, is intended to provide immediate and concrete assistance to the Syrian community in the suburbs of South Damascus, in order to reduce the hardship and suffering caused by the protracted internal crisis and aggravated by the condition of displacement, through the distribution of basic foodstuffs to families in conditions of particular vulnerability attending the ZAM Center and the distribution of kits for the creation of small home gardens, in order to allow a minimum production of fresh vegetables which meet the primary nutritional needs. The project aims to promote access to food to 600 vulnerable families who attend the ZAM Center, through the distribution of monthly food kits, 300 kits for home farming. In this way, it is intended to guarantee adequate nutritional levels and prevent states of malnutrition or malnutrition caused by the lack of availability of food within families, due to the lowering of family income and the substantial rise in basic prices.

Your 5 x mille can help peace process and humanitarian aid in Syria