Sustainable development in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

The goal of the project is to promote the capacity building of the Najdeh Association, strengthening the ability of operators to intervene in actions aimed at adolescents, through the exchange of knowledge and good practices, support to identify needs, to design interventions and to evaluate the results. Ensure the construction of devices that promote the exchange and the sharing among the operators of the association and with operators of other associations, in Lebanon, in Italy and in Europe, in order to develop effective interventions, monitoring the changes and needs emerging in the targets of reference, and adapting the actions to the new instances. Co-construct a shared trajectory for work with adolescents within the camps, based on “competence” as a growth space, as a territory that, within the specific context, can favor the development of intervention paths that are real support for growth and at the same time open the eyes of the operators.

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