Syria: a new Constituent Assembly for the restoration of the rule of law and for peace

In this Notebook we want to update information and analysis on the situation in Syria and the possible path to build peace and respect for the human rights of Syrian citizens.

In Syria, Armadilla has been active in international cooperation and humanitarian aid since 2004. It has as its main local partner the association of women “Zaharet Al Madan – ZAM”. He also collaborates with OCHA, the United Nations Coordination Office for Humanitarian Affairs and with UNICEF, with “Otto per Mille” office of the Italian Waldensian Church, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Despite the dramatic events affecting the Syrian country for almost eight years, Armadilla continues to carry out its action in Damascus as part of emergency humanitarian aid coordinated by UN entities. The decision not to leave the country, following the beginning and subsequent aggravation of the situation, stems from the belief that support for the local population cannot be lacking, but rather must be strengthened, at this very delicate and complex stage. It emerges, first of all and with extreme evidence, that the civilian population is the main victim of these tragic circumstances, hit on the one hand by internal violence, oppressed on the other by the consequences of sanctions imposed by the international community and the multiple effects of the internal crisis (loss of work, incessant increase in the prices of basic necessities, reduction of basic social and health services). And the duty to guarantee humanitarian support to preserve human lives at risk.

Armadilla follows in its work the code of ethics of the International Red Cross and the Principles of reference of Good Humanitarian Donorship

Your 5 x mille can help peace process and humanitarian aid in Syria