Environment, international cooperation and sustainable human development

In this notebook we propose a priority issue that is imposed in the 2030 Agenda, approved by the UN General Assembly in September 2015 and indicating the work to be done in the international community in the coming years: environmental sustainability, climate change in the planet, global warming, rational use of natural resources and energy.

It is an important sector for international cooperation and, more and more, it imposes itself in the Planetary Agenda as a priority to be considered in every type of intervention. There awareness of the limits of development understood as economic growth requires the consideration of the theme of sustainability as a fundamental one.

There is still a great deficiency concerning the inadequacy of investments and the coherence of the interventions conditioned by the international competition for the control of natural resources and from the freedom of pollution that too many states still allow.

By 2030, the number of days with temperatures above 35 degrees (the limit beyond which work or study becomes difficult) will increase to such an extent that large areas are no longer habitable of the Mediterranean and South Asia. With effects on phenomena such as migrations they will vanish the memory of the landings. In just twelve years, we could have broken the 2-degree mark increase in average temperatures compared to the beginning of the industrial revolution. Threshold beyond which is the inclined plane of a mutation of which we will no longer have control.

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