Mission & Vision


Armadilla works every day for a world in which no one feels alone, in which development is truly sustainable and in which cohesion, equity, and social justice are the pillars of building the future.

Social, economic and gender equality are essential conditions for sustainable development in the social and environmental fields and also represent a necessary basis for tackling the challenge posed by the climate crisis, which involves the entire world population without distinction, but affects and damages the harder, the greater the inequalities.

Men and women need to live in a more just society to be able to live safer lives now and in the future.


Armadilla’s mission is based on social policies and international cooperation favouring the most vulnerable groups. The privileged instrument is territorial cooperation, a renewed way of conceiving international solidarity and equitable and sustainable development among peoples based on participation, the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the strengthening of the capacities and powers of decentralized actors and, in particular, of the most disadvantaged social groups.

The starting points are the territory and the solidarity commitment of the public administration, NGOs, local associations and groups, trade unions, cooperatives, businesses, training institutions and citizens.

Armadilla recognizes equal dignity and responsibility for all the actors involved, aiming at the achievement of shared objectives: reducing the phenomena that produce marginalization and poverty, promoting the extension of human rights to groups that are excluded from them and responsibility in behaviour and personal choices and community (respect for the environment, cultural diversity, awareness of belonging to global processes).

The objectives that support and embody Armadilla’s mission reflect an approach that, in a complex society, can only be broad and flexible:

  • Respond to the need to contribute to the improvement of living conditions, socialization, work and individual affirmation of people who participate in shared planning activities, members and disadvantaged or socially vulnerable social groups (minors, people with disabilities, refugees, immigrants, socially marginalized people);
  • Address the causes that prevent sustainable development, particularly social, economic and human inequalities. Armadilla adopts a holistic approach to provide protection and support to the most vulnerable sections of the population, with particular attention to people with disabilities and the fight against gender-based violence.
  • Support the capacity and preparation of local, regional and national organizations in the territories of intervention, particularly in the field of Protection, Health, Psychosocial Support and gender policies.
  • Collaborate with public institutions and local communities to pursue the same objectives;
  • Disseminate and develop a culture of cooperation and solidarity, locally and internationally, through training events and public communication;
  • Help create awareness of the importance of global citizenship and intercultural dialogue;
  • Aim at the solidity of assets, innovation, improvement of organization and productivity, and professional and working conditions, stimulating a sense of responsibility and belonging.
  • Collaborate and integrate with other entities with which they share goals and working methods to create new job opportunities, develop the social role of cooperation (in Italy and the world) and strengthen its presence on the market.

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