Improving the care of children with disabilities in the southern area of ​​Damascus

The project aims to increase the capacity of the entities involved in addressing the inclusive approach in confronting people with disabilities, analyzing the various problems and challenges in the city of Damascus. Through a participatory approach that will involve all the actors involved in children with disability, the program means:

  • Strengthen the skills of the technical and social operators of the local ZAM Partner (association Zahret Al Madan and the DPMR (Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Center) of the Ministry of Health, through the introduction of innovative technologies and methods for the cognitive rehabilitation of disabled children. The workers will be trained in the use of computers and tablets, relevant software and 3D technologies for creating educational institutional toys.
  • Create a pilot platform of actors dealing with children with physical and cognitive disabilities in order to analyze the daily challenges children are exposed to. The platform will evaluate the context and the procedures used by the different actors in dealing with children with disabilities and then will propose an inclusive approach to
    be used experimentally using the best terms of comparison practices used in Emilia Romagna.
  • Create a strong link between Syrian stakeholders (ZAM, Ministry of Social Policy and Health) and partners, Italian technicians (ASPHI Foundation, Centro Protesi Vigorso of Budrio) who will propose innovative solutions in the field of disabled assistance to be implemented in the near future in Syria.

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