Social policies and international cooperation Italian proposals to a globalized society

In this Booklet we present a reflection on how the Italian system of social policies (welfare) can interest the entities of international cooperation.

In the context of the promotion of territorial partnerships, many cooperation entities, in different countries of the world, have expressed the need to learn more about the regulations, the successful experiences, the methods of concrete application of social policies and welfare in general in the Italian regions and cities and replicate them, adapting them, in other contexts of international cooperation. We present a summary of the plans approved by the Emilia Romagna and Lazio regions, which are the two territorial areas in which, mostly, Armadilla operates in Italy.

They were prepared in accordance with law 328 of 2000 and assign a task not only for care but above all for prevention to social policies. Work to predict and prevent social hardships and link social policies to those of sustainable human development in the local area, to job promotion, urban planning, education and training. Overcoming mere welfarism and promoting actions of active and responsible involvement of all the actors involved in these policies. A world view in which “no one is left alone”, designed for areas that must become the community space in which all fundamental services are guaranteed. So not only to manage the existing with commitment or chase the emergencies that appear daily in the life of the different territories, but to invest intelligence and study in the elaboration of a new model of social development, which contrasts the process of impoverishment of people, territories, environment and culture. Combining social justice, affirmation of rights and respect for people and the environment, enhancing those experiences that at national level have enabled the birth of sustainable, inclusive and participatory community welfare. Therefore, the methods and procedures are a mandatory requirement for innovation and radical reform. Replicate in the world the best practices that teach how to do this in Italy. This is what Armadilla and its partners are trying to do by privileging interventions with the most vulnerable social groups: people with disabilities, minors and families in extreme poverty, drug addicts, ex-convicts, women victims of violence, unemployed.

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