Quaderno 1/2019 – End all kinds of poverty in the world

In this paper we propose the theme of fighting poverty considering the first objective proposed by the 2030 Agenda: to put an end to all kinds of poverty in the world.

We propose a reasoning on what today means the concept of poverty and what can be the appropriate strategies and projects to achieve the goal of eradicating absolute poverty in the world over the next 20 years.

What are the countries and areas where absolute poverty is most widespread?

How is it possible that ISTAT estimated that in Italy, in 2017, 1,778,000 families (6.9% of resident families) were in absolute poverty, for a total of 5 million and 58 thousand individuals (8.4% of the entire population)?

Why are the impoverishment of millions of people denounced, even in countries considered to be rich?

What is absolute poverty and relative poverty? What are the main causes that cause poverty? How can these levels of poverty be measured?

What are supposed to be the most appropriate policies to put an end to all kinds of poverty in the entire planet? And in Italy? What must be the contribution of international cooperation? How to combine the widespread need for humanitarian aid and assistance with the need to consolidate sustainable human development processes?

Many questions that we will try to give an account of sharing a vision proposed globally by the United Nations, taking back Amartya Sen and, locally, what is proposed by the Italian Coalition against poverty (www.gcapitalia.it) and finally making specific reference to experts who have addressed this subject.

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