Migrants and refugees, a global issue

In this paper we propose an analysis of the situation regarding migration and asylum seekers in Italy and in Europe.

The theme of migration in the world has a very strong impact in local and global policies and is of strong emotional impact in people’s perception because it incorporates existential problems that go beyond the specific phenomenon: the theme of identities, the right to citizenship, human security and many others.

You emigrate for many reasons and the distinction you make in Europe between economic migrants (looking for a better standard of living and a worthy job), asylum seekers and refugees must serve not to discriminate or make emergencies classifications, but to better govern phenomena and find answers adequate and effective to the problems that are faced.

For the fifth consecutive year, refugees in the world are increasing. For the fifth consecutive year the number of refugees is a record. UNHCR’s Global Trends report – High Commissioner of the UN Refugee Tribunal, presented on 20th June 2018, counted as much as 68.5 million refugees in 2017. Never has there been so many. The proportion, to make us better understand the scope of this humanitarian tragedy, it is one person every 110 in the world.

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