Climate emergency: decisions postponed to November 2020

In this notebook we re-propose the issue of the climate emergency after the disappointing conclusions of the United Nations summit, COP25, which was held in Madrid in December 2019. In particular, we report the resolution of the European Parliament as a commitment for member states to take responsibility that belongs to him.

COP25 was one of the most tense and excited conventions on the climate in recent years, which ended late and with the adoption of 37 documents which, once again, displeased many. The negotiating tables produced unanimously defined insufficient results, lower than what could be produced by the COP. Disappointment was expressed both by the UN Secretary General António Guterres and by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Patricia Espinosa. It must be said, however, that some of the expectations and requests could hardly have been met by COP25, given its agenda and the structure and timing of the multilateral climate negotiation. For example, it was not the task of this COP to increase the level of commitment to reduce emissions in order to respond to the great mobilisations that have been seen in 2019. Those who measure the failure of the COP25 on this basis are destined to be disappointed in many other future COPs. . And everything has been postponed for at least six months, in Bonn, when there will be a new meeting that will then lead to the crucial appointment of November 2020, with the Cop26 in Glasgow. Among the most divisive issues addressed at the UN conference, Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on rules intended to regulate international carbon markets. Madrid’s only success concerns the commitment of rich countries to indicate their national climate contribution within the next year. Vulnerable countries, victims of extreme weather events (such as small Pacific islands), have obtained that the wealthiest countries indicate by next year how much their commitments will increase by 2030 to cut greenhouse gases, at the origin of the global warming.

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