We are power, not impairment

During 2018-2020 Open Group, the Damascus women’s association Zahret Al Madan (ZAM), and the Armadilla cooperative, involved for many years in the international cooperation actions in Syria, worked together on a project, funded by the Waldensian community since March 2019, aimed at ensuring
protection for children with disabilities through the strengthening of the professional skills of actors in the Syrian civil society.

The path laid the foundation for a community of transnational practices promoting the exchange of strategies and work tools that support the inclusion of children and families with disabilities.
This path, financed by the Waldensian Church, created a publication (We are power), the result of collective writing, edited in Italian and Arabic.
The text contains theoretical references, practical indications, and testimonials, accompanying the reader to embrace an approach towards disability made up of culture and daily actions. A light and practical document, useful for transmitting and spreading a culture of inclusion, but also clear and operational by making available useful actions to make this culture an “act” accessible to children, families, and communities

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