Armadilla collaborates with the United Nations Development Program in Lebanon – UNDP Lebanon, which is currently, together with the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the international entity responsible for planning and implementing an integrated humanitarian and development stabilization strategy in a country dramatically affected by the effects of the Syrian crisis.

The Lebanon Crisis Response Plan is the strategy for responding to the Syrian crisis elaborated in 2015 in collaboration with the national government, which takes into account the dramatic social impact and economic crisis that the Syrian crisis has brought about in the country.

Because of the extraordinary flow of refugees from Syria, the number of people living in Lebanon has grown 30% since the beginning of the crisis, with about 1.5 million refugees (based on the estimates of the National Government) on a population of 4 million. The number of the poor in the country has grown by two thirds.

After 4 years of welcoming displaced families from Syria, the government and the Lebanese people have to face a critical test of stability: the health system, education and the basic infrastructures are at the limit of their resistance.

The Lebanon Crisis Response Plan is the strategy developed jointly by the national government and from the international community under the coordination of the United Nations to strengthen the levels of stability in Lebanon during the crisis and at the same time to protect the most vulnerable groups of the resident population, including displaced people from Syria.

Armadilla is a partner of UNDP in the program to support local communities affected by the effects of the Syrian crisis, promoting territorial cooperation interventions with local Italian government entities (Lazio Region, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Puglia, Rome Capital) aimed at strengthening the national response capacity to the current state of crisis and to encourage the resumption of development processes in the country.

In 2012, Armadilla fostered the signing of a collaboration agreement between UNDP Lebanon and the Lazio Region for the realization of a technical assistance project aimed at relaunching the economic sectors in the area of ​​South Beirut with particular attention to small and medium-sized production enterprises and the promotion of trade.

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