Otto per mille Waldensian Church

Eight for a Thousand of the Waldensian Church is only destined to projects of a welfare nature, social and cultural. A close share to 50% of the total amount of funds received from the system of the Eight for a Thousand loan is also donated to support projects in developing countries to be carried out in collaboration with international religious and organizations.

Thanks to the funds of the Eight for a Thousand of the Waldensian Church, Armadilla has started in these years numerous initiatives in Syria and Lebanon, as part of its broader assistance and initiative protection of the most vulnerable groups of the Syrian and Lebanese population affected by the effects of the crisis.

In Syria, to meet the most urgent needs of the displaced population on the outskirts of Damascus, monthly distributions of primary foods were guaranteed to 500 families. To guarantee the protection of the most vulnerable groups, psychological support activities are carried out to children and to women, provided cognitive and motor rehabilitation services to children with disabilities, promoted vocational training initiatives and income support for women.

An initiative to promote the health of children and women is underway in Lebanon belonging to the Syrian refugee population and to the Lebanese host, which provides health prevention campaigns carried out with a mobile clinical unit completely equipped in order to offer medical-health care to the communities living in the most remote areas in the country and do not have access to treatment centers.

The partnership also includes the creation of information and education sessions, health issues on maternal and child health and psychological support activities for the most vulnerable categories represented by women, children and adolescents.

Your 5 x mille can help peace process and humanitarian aid in Syria