OCHA is the United Nations Coordination Office for Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). In 2012 an emergency fund was created for the humanitarian response within Syria and in the neighboring countries that welcomed Syrian refugees and suffered from the effects of the crisis.

The Emergency Response Fund aims to provide humanitarian assistance, answering to the needs of more urgent and the survival of the population affected by the conflict, ensuring rapid interventions and inserting them into a strategic and coordination plan that allows to improve the impact and the coherence of the humanitarian response.

30 million dollars is the sum estimated to meet the humanitarian needs of 12.2 million people in 2015.

As a partner of OCHA, Armadilla contributes to the implementation of the humanitarian response plan within Syria with material assistance and psychological support interventions. Currently more 1,000 families in the suburbs of Damascus receive food kits and other goods on a monthly basis from Armadilla. This support is fundamental for the survival of many displaced families who, having lost everything in leaving their homes and their work, can not cope with price increase on the market. Armadilla also offers psychosocial support services in favor of two particularly vulnerable categories: children, who live a more traumatic sense of disorientation and insecurity caused by conflict, and women that often face the greatest weight of family responsibilities alone at this delicate stage.

Your 5 x mille can help peace process and humanitarian aid in Syria