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Sofia Eugad Meeting Workshop 7th June 2011

This initiative is a component of the EC funded project titled EUGAD (European Citizens working for the global development agenda). The objective of EUGAD is to create, collect and distribute knowledge resources for improving communication and dialogue on International Cooperation for Human Development and the Millennium Development Goals. The activities of the project  produced a Manual and  audio-visual documentation on the results obtained by European international cooperation activities.

Promote the partnership network is one of the focus countries in the project. In the documentaries and the special TV programs we aim to produce, we would like to highlight the good practices and challenges faced by European cooperation actors working  in  Bulgaria.

The activities conducted in the project were:

•   Networking and consultations for sharing resources and best practices and generating international and cross- sectoral synergies on how to inform the EU public about international cooperation agenda.

•   Developing the manuals to address the capacity gaps among primary groups.

•   Producing video documentary on the eight Millennium Development Goals.

•   Disseminating the manuals and videos  (see )

•   Workshops in Bulgaria, Romania, Syria and Italy to share knowledge and skills for communicating manuals and present the videos

•    Broadcasting an eight-episode documentary on the eight Millennium Development Goals.

•    Promoting, amongst the wider networks of educators, media personnel and local government policy makers in EU, the utilization of the knowledge resources and awareness building tools developed in the Action.

An agreement has been reached with RAI, the Italian State Television, the EUGAD associated partner, which is actively supporting the Action. A team from RAI accompanied the EUGAD team through its production in the field.

By “networking” we mean the intention and the ability by the stakeholders to identify common objectives, collaborate for achieving these objectives and exchange resources and tools for the activities required to achieve the common objectives.

Eugad  partners in Bulagria are : Children of Europe Association that support children and teenagers in association to social, economic and cultural life. Promote the integration of children with disabilities and providing support to development of their talents and skills. Creating platform for raising awareness and information on European citizenship. Embedding MDGs within national practices and policies. Supporting government and stakeholders in elaboration of national policies for protection of children rights and development of their talents .

National Association of Small and Medium Business  NASMB

Their mission is Facilitate, support and promote the establishment and successful development of  SMEs; a wide variety of services to raise members’ competitiveness. Co-Federation of individual and collective members      (Regional and Branch Association of SMEs). Represents its members in the dialogue with central and local authorities. Partnership with all government institutions and other NGOs.