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Ongoing workshop with “Skills”

The EUGAD project in synergy with the SKILLS programme is holding a professional workshop, for a group of Syrian journalists in producing media products  on the scope and impact of international cooperation projects in Syria that contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

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is one of the focus countries of the EUGAD project. In the documentaries and the special TV programs we are producing, we would like to highlight the good practices and challenges faced by European cooperation actors working in the region. In this context, we would like young journalists from Syria to share their views on the impacts and challenges of EU cooperation projects being implemented in Syria, particularly in the sectors of health, education, economy, local and urban development, environment, civil society and culture.


The workshop utilizes a practical “on-the-job” methodological approach. It will focus on the preparation of Media Products that will be authored by the participants assisted and supported by the EUGAD team.  The participant journalists will, through these Media Products, communicate and express their views to their respective audiences.

Knowledge outputs:

1.       What the Syrian participants will learn

The EUGAD team will share, with trainees, the methodology used and the knowledge gained during the implementation of the EUGAD project on covering social development projects in a responsible, efficacious and audience-appealing manner. The trainers will support the trainees in selecting EC funded projects in Syria (from amongst those in List 1) that would be covered through audio-visual documentation; assessing projects and recording the opinion of project stakeholders, especially of Syrian and EU authorities, communicating the documented material in a way that enhances dialogue and reciprocal understanding among European and Syrian points of view on global partnerships for development;

2.       What the Italian trainers/facilitators will learn.

The EUGAD facilitators/ trainers will learn about the viewpoints of non-European intellectuals, opinion makers and journalists on the challenges and achievements of Syria-EU cooperation, in contributing to the UN agendas, with particular focus on the MDGs. The team will further understand the extent to which these projects contribute to dialogue and understanding between peoples living on the opposite shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  The EUGAD team will include, in the EUGAD media products, these view points and share the same with the Italian and European public.

Media Outputs

The Media Products will be shared with concerned people of the Ministry for Information, the EU Delegation and will be made public only when approved as compliant with the objectives of Syria-EU-UN partnership they will be utilized:

–         by the journalists who participated in the workshop and who have authored those products to communicate with their respective audiences in Syria;

–         by the EUGAD team as resources for the EUGAD web site and for the preparation of the 8 episodes documentary that are being produced as components of the EUGAD project.